Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro (43 mm) review

Huawei unveiled its new smartwatch on Wednesday in Milan – the Watch GT 3 Pro. […]

Included: The smartwatch comes in a pretty white box, which contains a charging cradle, a short quick start guide, a warranty card and a setup card with QR code in addition to the watch. Even a mini screwdriver is included. That’s a good thing, because even the smallest screwdriver in my household would have been too coarse to turn the delicate screws.

With the included screwdriver, an intermediate piece of the bracelet could be quickly removed and the band also fit for my narrow wrist. If you have stronger arms: There were also three spare pieces in the pack.

Huawei had already made the look more elegant with the Huawei Watch GT 3. With the Pro model, this is still being carried out. There is a men’s and a women’s version of the GT-3 Pro version. Both are available with either 43-millimeter or 46-millimeter housings.

About the display: The resolution of the AMOLED color touch display corresponds to the GT-3 version: 466 × 466 pixels. Content is pleasant to read on the color display.

As with the Watch GT 3, there are two buttons, one of which has a rotating bezel Source: Huawei

On the right side there are two buttons: a rotating crown at the top and an elongated button at the bottom. Speakers and microphone can also be found here. Under the hood runs the Huawei operating system HarmonyOS.

We were able to test the women’s version – namely the noble version with white ceramics for Eur. 599.–. She looks classically elegant, but without bling-bling, which pleases. The golden ornaments on the edge of the display and around the crown are discreet, but look a little cheap. However, the case and bracelet feel high-quality workmanship.

Instead of the ceramic bracelet, there is also a leather bracelet, with which you get 100 euros cheaper. The case thickness of the test device is again around 1.1 centimeters, the GT-3-Pro-But the version is a bit heavier at 54 grams (without bracelet) (Watch GT 3: 42.6 g). The watch is also connected via Bluetooth.

The closure is new. When wearing the watch, press the underside of the wrist along both sides of the bracelet to open the clasp. To close it again, each page is clicked separately. After I shortened the bracelet, it sat full and yet comfortable.


Via the Play Store or Apple Store, you download the Huawei Health app (Android, iOS ) as usual and log in there with the Huawei ID. With an Android 11 device, this worked quite jagged via Bluetooth.

With the editorial iPhone (iOS 15.4), the pairing was more difficult. The GT 3 Pro was simply not discoverable. Fortunately, you can scan a QR code that you can display on the watch, which finally worked after three attempts.


The fact that the Chinese company Huawei has been struggling with the US embargo for years is not new. Since this affects Google services, Huawei has been relying on the in-house operating system HarmonyOS (Huawei Watch 3 Pro) since the Watch 3 (Pro) of 2021 (review Huawei Watch 3 Pro).Fortunately, you don’t notice so much about HarmonyOS. Anyone who has ever used a Huawei smartwatch before will be fine with it.

Bluetooth calls and smart notifications

If the smartphone and watch are paired via Bluetooth, you can answer or reject calls via the watch. Thanks to the speakers and microphone that are installed on the GT 3 Pro, you can make calls directly via watch. The volume is adjusted via crown.

The mobile phone was in a different room; in the test, the intelligibility was nevertheless perfect. Even when I held my arm further away or moved it or let my arm dangle and walked around the apartment, the telephone connection was certified as “very good” by the other voice participant.

As usual with Huawei smartwatches, you can also receive information about incoming messages, e-mails, calendar events or social media activities if you wish.

Music control

By the way, music can also be controlled on the mobile phone via the clock. Alternatively, as with the GT 3, it is also possible to store music locally.

As with the Watch GT 3, there are a wealth of training modes, with the GT 3 there were over 100 training modes. Started quickly via the (bottom) button, you will find, for example, running (indoor and outdoor), walking (indoor and outdoor), cycling (also both), swimming, (both), diving, driving range, jumping rope, hiking, trail running, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, rowing machine and free training. Further trainings can be added (e.g. HIIT, Pilates, boxing or karate; even archery is included).

Furthermore, you can view running courses and training plans. In the app, as usual, you will see the number of steps, etc. in the upper area, including training data.

Integrated GPS

The Pro version also has the integrated GPS module and thus supports the satellite systems Galileo, Beidou, GPS, GLONASS and QZSS. GPS tracking is still not the fastest, but it works reliably.

Now you can start a dynamic tracking of your already recorded training data (in the app). I found the music a bit exaggerated, but it is still entertaining and interesting, because details such as the number of steps per minute or the heart rate are displayed. However, this was already the case with the Watch GT 3.Moon phases and information about sunrise and sunset times are also available on the watch.

As with the GT 3, the Pro model allows you to measure health data such as heartbeat, pulse, sleep, SpO2 (blood oxygen content), your stress level and body temperature. I was not satisfied with the sleep detection in the GT 3. Here Huawei has improved and was sometimes amazingly precise in terms of the time of falling asleep, sleep duration or quality.

Cycle Calendar

The cycle calendar could be interesting. If you want to have this saved in an app, you have various options here: In addition to the beginning and end, you can specify details about: cramps (intensity), sexual activity, mood as well as physical symptoms (e.g. headaches, sleep disorders, pain in the abdominal area, etc.). Fertile days are also indicated and one can record his hydration.

Battery life

Traditionally, the 43-millimeter model has a lower battery life than the larger watch. With Huawei it is usually a week with the smaller model, with the large watch the battery usually lasts 14 days. I can’t judge the latter, but with the “little one” the battery only became weak after 8.5 days and had to be put on the charging cradle. This with a constant Bluetooth connection and smart notifications.

Prices and availability

The Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro will be available from May 18 in the size 46 mm from 369 euros (fluoroelastomer and leather, RRP) or 499 francs (titanium, RRP).

In the size 43 mm, the smartwatch will be available from June from 499 euros (leather, MSRP) or 599 euros (ceramic, MSRP).


Huawei has managed to make their sporty watch visually interesting for women as well. The smaller model also offers the many training modes, as usual with Huawei, the integrated GPS, smart notifications, Bluetooth calls, sleep analysis and temperature measurement.

The watch operating system HarmonyOS did not make a negative impression, the watch was able to be paired with both an Android device and an iPhone.

Personally, I regret the lower battery life a little, but a good week is still decent. But the watch fits for narrow wrists and the touch operation is also very pleasant on the smaller color display. The price is rather high for a Huawei Smartwach, but this is due to the ceramic processing or the ceramic bracelet.

With a leather bracelet you get 100 euros cheaper. Nevertheless, for the approximately 600 francs (RRP) you get a lot for your money with the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro.

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