In review: TP-Link Deco XE75 mesh system

In review: TP-Link Deco XE75 mesh system

Network specialist TP-Link is launching its high-performance Deco XE75 mesh set at a price of 599 euros. […]

What does the set with the TP-Link specific name AXE5400 have to offer? The three identical adapters of the manufacturer build a Wi-Fi 6E mesh network among themselves (!) with a maximum data speed of 5.4 Gbit / s, and are also equipped with corresponding functions such as the improved encryption standard WPA3. All in all, a coverage of up to 670 square meters should be possible with the three devices in combination.

And: In total, according to TP-Link, up to 200 devices can be connected to the fast mesh network, which makes the combo recommended for upscale home office as well as for small / medium business.

In addition to the three adapters and corresponding power supplies for the power supply, the contents of the box also include a flat Ethernet cable and instructions for commissioning. Each cylindrical adapter consists of three GBit LAN ports, one USB port is unfortunately missing.

Transmission is via triband: On the N-band with up to 575 Mbit/s on the 5 GHz frequency channel, each adapter shovels a maximum of 2400 Mbit/s from A to B.

And thirdly: In the newly added WiFi-6 “E” range (= 6 GHz frequency band) there is another 2400 Mbit / s on top. The three devices use this 6 Ghz band as a “backhaul”, i.e. for communication with each other in order to transport pending data as quickly as possible. However, users can also set the 5 GHz band as a backhaul in the menu, if they want to change this. Consequently, if the three bands are added together, the maximum data peak results.

Easy commissioning

The commissioning is uncomplicated and is done quickly in the classic Deco manner: to do this, one of the three adapters is connected to its Ethernet port to the router via the supplied LAN cable, which is then switched off first to turn it on again after about 10 seconds. As a result, the first deco device is correctly integrated “behind” the modem and thus provides the basis of the Deco network.

At the same time, the “Deco” app, which is available as a free Android and iOS version in the corresponding Apple or Google shops as a download, will be launched on the smartphone. After that, an autoassistant will take over the further installation. In the first step, the minitool searches for the individual adapters, integrates them one after the other into the mesh network in order to successively expand the entire network nationwide. At the end of the procedure, the additional settings such as parental control or the guest network can then be done in the usual way according to your taste.

All in all, it took a little more than an hour for the entire basic installation until our mesh network was ready for operation and secured. This is followed by further adjustments such as setting up parental controls or the guest network.

Successful: TP-Link equips the mesh set with its HomeShield fuse from the security specialist Avira. This malware protection mechanism includes the following modules: IoT Protection, Malicious Site Blocker, Parental Controls, IPS, Home Network Scanner. This could be set via the transparent app as desired.

Pace and conclusion

High speed, large coverage:
With regard to the speed measurements carried out by us, there are also only good things to report. We distributed the three TP-Link mesh devices evenly in the house (basement, middle part and attic): both in the house and outside up to about 20 meters, we had a radio reception, with which our Full HD video could still be streamed smoothly.

The top speed of the TP-Link solution was 810 Mbit / s in the test, whereby our counterpart, the gaming notebook X30 Beast from the manufacturer Medion, then had direct visual contact to the mesh node (at the modem router).

Nice: Due to the “seamless routing” function (the client (= notebook) always automatically switches to the optimal radio transmitter, whose signal is received the most), the speed remains high and averaged at 480 Mbit / s. Only when we were about 150 meters away from the entire mesh network, the connection broke off.


Houses with a large living area or outdoor area benefit from TP-Link’s Deco XE75 triple pack – right from the start. Thanks to a well-thought-out app, commissioning is very easy, but the speed and range are also at a strong level.

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