IT Security Experts & IT Consultants leading in salary comparison

IT-Security-Experten & IT-Berater im Gehaltsvergleich führend


According to a study by compensation consulting Compensation Partner, IT specialists also achieved a moderate salary increase of 1.6 percent in 2020 despite the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the 12,225 analyzed data sets from 172 companies, employees in information technology (IT) in Germany thus receive an average gross annual salary of 64,200 euros.
“IT specialists and executives remain a sought-after job profile – which is why their earnings development is higher in times of crisis compared to other professional groups,” comments Philip Bierbach, Managing Director of Compensation Partner the results of the IT study 2021. The good career prospects of IT professionals who are hardly threatened by short-time work and unemployment are also confirmed by a survey by the Federal Association of Information Economy, Telecommunications and New Media e.V. (Bitkom), according to which there are around 86,000 vacancies for this professional group in Germany.

High salaries for IT consultants, IT security experts & software developers

With an average annual gross salary of 75,700 euros, IT consultants earn the most in Germany among IT specialists without personnel responsibility. This is followed by IT security experts (69,900 euros) and software developers (68,500 euros), who, among other things, work as PHP programmers to create dynamic websites and mobile applications. Back-end developers (66,100 euros) are also well remunerated, while SAP developers (60,000 euros) and frontend software developers (57,300 euros) receive a significantly lower annual gross salary on average.

First-level support significantly lower paid

Employees in the database administration reach a salary (47,000 euros), which according to data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) corresponds to about the average salary (47,700 euros) in Germany. IT professionals who work in first-level support (35,000 euros) and second-level support (42,000 euros), on the other hand, are the only professional groups within IT to earn significantly less than the average. This is mainly due to the stagnating development of salaries for employees in IT support in recent years.

Master and Doctorate pay off

About 60 percent analyzed IT specialists has a university degree. Even with a bachelor’s degree, the average gross annual salary (54,800 euros) is much higher than the average salary in Germany. Employees with a master’s degree (70,000 euros) and a doctorate (82,000 euros) earn even more.
Employees with a vocational education achieve on average a salary (51,300 euros), which is almost at the level of a bachelor. If the training is supplemented by a master or specialist, a salary (57,900 euros) is achieved, which exceeds the average of the bachelor. In each case, these are not the starting salaries, but the incomes that are paid on average with the financial statements of enterprises.

Professional practice ensures higher salaries

Regardless of the degree and the activity carried out, IT career starters receive an average gross salary of 51,500 euros per year after one to two years. With three to five years of professional practice, the gross annual salary increases on average to 54,400 euros and after six to eight years to 55,500 euros. After 13 or more years in the IT industry, the gross annual salary averages 66,000 euros.

100,000 Euros and more for executives

Without personnel responsibility, however, IT specialists with long professional experience do not reach the salary level of executives. In IT, these already earn an average of 103,500 euros gross per year in small companies with less than 100 employees. For larger companies with 100 to 1,000 employees, the salary of executives rises to almost 120,000 euros, corporations pay their IT executives 143,000 per year.

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