Javascript: Github takes over Node.js package manager NPM

The Node.js package manager NPM, which is especially important for Javascript developers, is now part of Github. The code management platform assured that NPM would continue to be available free of charge.

Almost two years ago, software giant Microsoft announced that it would take over Github for $ 7.5 billion. Now Github has announced an upcoming takeover itself. The platform, which specializes in the management of code, grabs the Node.js package manager NPM (formerly: Node Package Manager). The provider is considered critical for the Javascript world – and is now also part of Microsoft. Github has not commented on the sales price.

Github: Satisfying the needs of Javascript outstaffing developers

According to its own statements, a good ten years after its founding, NPM has 1.3 million packages and around 75 billion downloads per month from twelve million developers. Github boss Nat Friedman said that NPM had thereby contributed to making Javascript the largest developer ecosystem in the world. Now Github wants to help the package manager to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Javascript developer community.

Accordingly, Friedman also made the promise that NPM would continue to be available and always free of charge for those who access the publicly accessible NPM registry on a daily basis. After the acquisition is complete, Github plans to invest in the registry infrastructure and platform to ensure that NPM remains fast, reliable and scalable. In addition, the company wants to approach NPM users to ask them for ideas and support for the future of NPM.

More security: Github wants to integrate NPM

In addition, the user experience should be improved. The work on the NPM-v7-CLI is to be continued. This remains free and open source, says Friedman. Work will also continue on the workspaces. There are also plans to improve multi-factor authentication. Unsurprisingly, Github and NPM should be closely interlinked. The focus here is on security in the open source environment.

NPM founder Isaac Z. Schlueter said that he saw the takeover as an opportunity to do things with more time, resources and less stress that he could only dream of before. There are good reasons to believe that everything will be better now. After all, NPM now has not only the largest developer community in the world behind it, but also one of the largest corporations in the world.

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