Keep networks and systems secure with Endpoint Security

Netwerke und Systeme sicher halten mit Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Cyber attacks are an ever-increasing threat to companies, authorities and institutions as well as entire states. Even private individuals are easy attacks for criminals in times when more and more information is stored digitally. But you can protect yourself from hacker attacks and minimize the risk as much as possible.

What threats are there?

The threats posed by cyberattacks and hacker attacks are diverse and constantly evolving. The criminals use different methods to exploit security gaps in a targeted manner and, for example, use malware to introduce viruses and Trojans to foreign systems and networks.

The goal in many cases is to steal sensitive data or lock down a company’s system until a demanded ransom is paid. Many companies that comply with these payments do not receive their data back. In general, it is therefore advised not to respond to any payment claims and instead to contact criminal authorities immediately. It is better to protect yourself against attacks in advance. This is where Endpoint Security comes in.

What exactly does Endpoint Security mean?

Every device connected to the Internet is a potential gateway for criminals. Smartphones, laptops, computers, copiers, but also modern POS terminals and other end devices should be protected against potential attacks by effective endpoint security.

There are various measures with which endpoint security of end devices can be effectively improved. In general, a distinction is made between technical and organizational measures. The organizational measures include, for example, sensitizing employees in special training courses or the introduction of a fixed set of rules for dealing with company-owned end devices. In many cases, simple ignorance is still the trigger for a cyber attack, such as when an employee opens an e-mail with a malicious attachment. The damage caused by the criminals usually only becomes apparent at a later date and remains unnoticed for a long time. The technical measures include:

  • Malware protection
  • Sandboxing
  • Client Firewalls
  • URL Filter
  • Device management of peripherals

Endpoint Security is becoming increasingly important

Endpoint security will become increasingly relevant in many ways. The number of devices communicating with each other has continuously increased in recent years. Due to the increasing digitization and automation of processes, this development will continue to increase. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) in particular will mean that more and more potential security gaps can be used by criminals to tap sensitive data or simply to spy on it. So that future development does not necessarily lead to harm for many, it is urgently necessary to sensitize more people to this topic.

The following link leads to further information about endpoint security.


Too many people are still too frivolous in dealing with digital devices and data. Identity theft, credit card abuse or the publication of sensitive information are often the result of a careless handling of information on the net. If companies do not protect their IT infrastructure against potential threats, this can quickly have far-reaching consequences. With stringent endpoint security, end devices can be very reliably protected against attacks and threats.

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