Marketers Should Pay Attention to These 3 Twitter Trends in 2022

Marketers Should Pay Attention to These 3 Twitter Trends in 2022

Twitter has examined billions of tweets in a recent analysis. The “The Conversation Twitter Trends 2022” report based on this identifies three developments that marketers should definitely have on their radar this year. […]

People are on Twitter to inform and communicate and to publicly exchange information about events. Tweets and the resulting conversations show what is currently important to users and where the world of tomorrow is developing. The current “The Conversation Twitter Trends 2022” report shows the three top topics that are currently being hotly discussed online and that marketers should have on their radar:

1. Consumers want more sustainability

Conversations on Twitter show that users are more interested in sustainability than before the outbreak of the pandemic. From emissions to green energy to electric cars: Consumers are increasingly concerned with climate protection on Twitter and are also taking brands to task.

Brands are called on Twitter to bring the world back into balance (+64 percent compared to 2021 compared to 2020). And the greenwashing (+158 percent) of some brands is also being discussed more and more frequently on Twitter. The topics of sustainability tracking (+115 percent), waste prevention (+109 percent) and decarbonization (+56 percent) are also trending on Twitter.

2. Actively shaping brands

Brand fans are no longer satisfied with just being provided with information. You want to actively shape the brand. The digital community wants to get involved with their favorite brand and is interested in fan marketplaces, fan art and fan fiction on Twitter.

Topics such as NFT avatars, fashion, collectibles and crypto gaming are all the rage on Twitter with an annual growth of +320 percent. In particular, fan tokens (+994 percent) are on the rise, which are used by brands as an effective binding tool.

3. Social communities discover the financial sector

In the past, financial transactions were a private matter. Today, the community is actively involved on Twitter. The number of tweets about finances has increased by 78 percent compared to the previous year. The focus of interest is mainly on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. But there has also been a real hype about NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on Twitter (+1700 percent).

In addition, topics such as NFT marketplaces, dApps and stablecoin are booming on Twitter (+242 percent). In addition, as emerging areas, marketers should not ignore NFT stocks, crowdfunding and the cypherpunk movement.

* Elisa Krisper is a writer at COM!professional.

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