Microsoft has been hacked – and now admits it

Microsoft has been hacked – and now admits it

Recently, Samsung was hacked by a hacker group called Lapsus$. These have partially captured data. Now it turns out that the same group has also set out to Microsoft. […]

Already for a moment there was a rumor that the hacker collective Lapsus$ after Nvidia and Samsung also caught Microsoft. Now Redmond has admitted this. More specifically, Microsoft said that the hacker group Lapsus$ has gained “limited access” to the systems. This, after the group claimed that they had captured the source code for the search engine Bing and the voice assistant Cortana.

The software giant had been following the activities of Lapsus$ – which Microsoft describes as a “large-scale social engineering and blackmail campaign” – for several weeks and revealed some details about the methods of the attacks in a blog post on Tuesday. Lapsus$ had previously outwitted the cybersecurity defenses of Nvidia and Samsung. They also claimed that they had gained access to the system of Okta, a San Francisco-based company that manages user authentication services for thousands of corporate clients.

Microsoft, meanwhile, spoke of a “single compromised account”, whereupon the cybersecurity response team acted quickly and eliminated the problem. In this way, further activities could be prevented.

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