NCSC Warns against Old Email Communication

NCSC Warns against Old Email Communication

If you have received an e-mail from a contact and received it again – but with an additional text and a link: be careful. […]

At the moment, old e-mails are circulating again, which spread malware, as the National Center for Cybersecurity NCSC reports. For example, these emails contain the text “Please read this as soon as possible”, “Please look at the attached file” or “DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD LINK”.

The emails in question make out that the sender actually sent them to a contact once. Cybercriminals gain access to an e-mail account and use the e-mails sent with it. And provide you with additional text including a clickable link with malware. When a recipient clicks on this link, he downloads a file with malware called “Quakbot” on the PC, writes KaPo Zurich . If you have downloaded the zip file and run the file, a supposed Office application is started. If the recipient allows the macros to be executed, the malware installs itself on the PC.

Screenshot of an e-mail that was actually sent, which was supplemented with some text and the link (c)

PCtipp advises: Do not click on this link and do not open an attachment or run macros. Mark the mail as spam.

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