Netflix, DAZN and Co. – How streaming services have revolutionized video consumption

Netflix, DAZN und Co. - Wie Streaming-Dienste den Videokonsum revolutioniert haben


Advances in technology and consumer behaviour

Netflix, Amazon, DAZN and co – streaming services are growing in popularity and offer consumers a rich range of movies and series. Classic formats, on the other hand, whether traditional television or physical data carriers such as Blu-ray, are increasingly losing relevance. Hardly surprising in the digital age.

In recent decades, technology has developed in increasingly faster cycles. After various video tape formats came onto the market in the 1970s and the VHS cassette finally prevailed in the mid-1980s, it was suddenly possible to watch movies at any time at home. The birth of video stores was born. In the following years, the development progressed rapidly. From 1995, the DVD and high-resolution TV sets gradually set new quality standards in the living rooms. Better resolutions and larger storage capacities then led to the introduction of the Blue-ray format from 2002, which gradually replaced DVDs in the coming years. The next milestone could be called the founding of YouTube in 2005, the potential of streamed videos became obvious and a rapidly growing streaming industry began to develop. The services initially still called video-on-demand portals, such as Maxdome or the offer of Deutsche Telekom, slowly made subscriptions for video services socially acceptable.

Who provides the best content?

Probably the best-known streaming provider Netflix has its roots back in 1997, when the company acted as an online alternative to video stores and offered the service of receiving and returning rental DVDs by mail. In 2014, Netflix started as a streaming provider in Germany and continuously expanded its catalog. Today, there are a number of streaming providers competing for the ever-growing consumer base. Meanwhile, Netflix, Amazon and Co. are also producing their own series, so-called “original content”, with ever larger budgets. In the future, the market will be determined by the provider that delivers the best content and manages to bring the most top-class actors and screenwriters on board.

The streaming market will continue to diversify

It can be assumed that the straming market will continue to diversify in the future and providers will specialize in certain content and formats. If you are not sure whether or which streaming service is right for you, today you have the opportunity to test many providers for free for a month. It does not necessarily have to be series that transmit corresponding portals. Under the following link, for example, you can test DAZN, a streaming provider that has existed since 2016 and specializes in the transmission of international sports events and events. Whether Bundesliga, NFL, NBA or motorsport, at DAZN every sports enthusiast will find interesting offers.


Classical television reaches fewer and fewer viewers in Germany and this is very likely to continue. In particular, the younger generation can hardly do anything with a normal TV program, in case of doubt, the corresponding program will be watched on the Internet. In view of the fact that corresponding services are becoming increasingly cheaper, the inhibition threshold of those who have not yet decided to test a streaming offer without obligation is also decreasing. Streaming is definitely not a trend, but represents a technological standard that is unlikely to be replaced by other forms in the foreseeable future.

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