Otorio assesses the risk situation of critical infrastructures

KRITIS-Betreibern fehlen Transparenz und Werkzeuge zur Risikobewertung

New malware warning from CISA affects ICS and SCADA

The CISA (Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency) has published an important warning (AA22-103A). In it, she points out that hackers have developed a special toolset that targets ICS and SCADA-OT security devices that companies with critical infrastructures rely on. This malware toolset performs highly automated attacks on specific devices, which can be found in “virtually all complex industrial facilities “. These include Sysmac devices from Schneider Electric and OMRON, as well as OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) servers.

Daniel Bren, CEO and Co-Founder of Otorio , explains the current threat situation for critical infrastructures and OT environments also in the context of the recent warning:

Daniel Bren, CEO and Co-Founder of Otorio

“We know that OT security and converged OT/IT/IIoT security are most effective only when a proactive approach to risk awareness, management and mitigation is taken, continuously implemented and automated. According to CISA, this malware toolkit uses a modular architecture. This enables cyber attackers, if successfully deployed in critical infrastructures or industrial networks, to move laterally within an IT or OT environment and disrupt critical devices or functions.

The recent CISA alert is clear evidence of the need to end the Air Gap and detect-and-response approach, while also highlighting the value of a risk-based approach to OT safety. Operators of critical infrastructures and industrial enterprises cannot afford to act reactively. A utility company or an industrial manufacturer that pursues a “set it and forget it” strategy to protect its operating technology will react too late if an OT security incident has already occurred.”

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