Outlook: Customize Folder View

Outlook: Customize Folder View

The left column in Outlook shows the navigation pane. If you don’t like it, you can make it clearer, more presentable and space-saving. […]

The user interface in Outlook from Office 365 is overflowing with all sorts of information that you may never need. They take away space for those elements that they would now like to have in their field of vision. Therefore, a few tips about the navigation column in Outlook; this is the column in the left pane.

Folder list instead of mails: Of course, if you use Outlook exclusively as an e-mail program, the standard view with the mail folders is very convenient for you (orange mark A in the following picture). On the other hand, if you actually use Outlook as a “PIM” (Personal Information Manager), you may not only see e-mail folders there, but also contacts, tasks and the calendar, see purple mark C.

Navigation pane in Outlook: The normal mail folder view (A) and the oversized navigation buttons (B). After changing the settings, you will instead have the folder list with slightly more colorful icons (C) and slim navigation buttons (D) (c) PCtipp.ch

This is how you switch it: In the lower part of the Outlook window, either over the entire window width (B) or only in the left column (D), a wide gray bar can be seen for e-mail, calendar, folders and people. If you click on Folders in it, the content of the navigation column changes to the more versatile folder view.

Compact navigation bar: Shouldn’t the bar with the oversized font go over the entire window width? After all, this is at the expense of the detailed view or the mail preview. In the gray navigation bar, click on the three dots and open the navigation options.

The navigation options (c) PCtipp.ch

Activate Compact Navigation and click OK, then the bar moves to the left column. The oversized font turns into slim icons

Adjust the number and order
(c) PCtipp.ch

con order: Open the navigation options again via the three-dot icon. Do you want to see more or less icons or commands here? And in what order?

In the upper part, set the number. In the lower part, put the icons or commands in the order that is best for you. For example, if you only want to include e-mail, calendar, folders and tasks, click on Folders, for example, use the Up button. So it slides up one place in the list – and thus one place further to the left in the bar.

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