PS5 VR controls: Sony has shown them and they are promising

Controles VR de PS5: Sony los ha mostrado y son prometedores

Just a few hours ago, and by surprise, Sony has shown for the first time the VR controls of PS5, and the truth is that PS5 players who are waiting for the arrival of virtual reality to the new generation they have reason to be happy, since it seems that the technology has not only wanted to innovate in the control of the console, but also in the specific one of its VR viewer that, as you can see in the image, has been totally redesigned.

It is clear that Sony has decided making the most of the competitive advantage of virtual reality on PS5, something that in principle will not be able to enjoy Xbox Series users, although since yesterday that is not so clear. And, although slowly, virtual reality is gaining ground, and according to data such as those given by Steam on the game market last year, it is expected that the trend will increase in the future. So much so that if Xbox Series does not finally support VR, we could be talking about a big mistake.

Returning to the PS5 VR Controls, we find a very ergonomic design in the shape of an orb which, at the same time, seem to offer excellent grip and total freedom of movement. In other words, it looks very comfortable, probably more than the rest of the VR viewers we’ve seen so far. According to Sony, this design allows developers to design their games without having to worry about the limitations of the controls.

The biggest advancements of PS5 VR controls are, however, beneath the surface. Sony hopes to recreate the DualSense experience with adaptive triggers and optimized haptic feedback, plus Valve Index-style finger touch detection that lets you make gestures (like pointing) without having to apply pressure. And there are no prominent bright lights that help an external camera track movements-the viewfinder tracks PS5 VR controls using, for that purpose, a ring at the bottom.

Yet we’ll have to wait until next year, moment in which the virtual reality kit for PS5 will reach the market, in which it is understood that it is not only the time necessary to complete its development (which should already be quite advanced), also for the developers to have time, from the moment they receive the first development kits, to refine their games and that they take advantage of the new functions of it. At the moment, and waiting, it seems that with the VR controls of PS5 Sony has done a great job.

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