Qualcomm to invest $100 million in XR developers

Qualcomm to invest $100 million in XR developers

Qualcomm is launching an investment fund for the “metaverse” of $ 100 million. It will be used partly in the form of investments in “leading” companies by Qualcomm Ventures, but also through grants awarded by Qualcomm Technologies to developers.

In both cases, it will be a question of accelerating the creation of quality immersive experiences (gaming, media and entertainment, health and well-being, education, business) to eventually reach the metaverse. The announcement was made on the evening of March 21, on the occasion of the Game Developers Conference. Interested developers can register on the official website to be kept informed.

Qualcomm wants to remain a key player in the XR
The American company, which specializes in the design of mobile processors, intends to strengthen its position as a leading supplier in the sector through this. Its Snapdragon chips are now at the heart of all the main virtual or augmented reality devices (grouped under the name “XR”), whether produced by Meta, Microsoft, Snap, Pico or Lenovo.

Faced with the colossal investments of Meta, which is clearly tempted to design its own chips, Qualcomm is also looking to avoid disintermediation. This is especially why he created Snapdragon Spaces at the end of November 2021. Rather than letting one or two giants emerge who have mastered their product from A to Z, the idea is to ensure the existence of a rich and vibrant ecosystem in which many manufacturers engage in healthy competition… Each relying on Qualcomm to design its products.

Partnership with Square Enix in augmented reality
Since the popularity of all-in-one headsets is indisputable in the virtual reality sector, Qualcomm has been focusing on the emergence of augmented reality in various forms for some time. As part of this, it has entered into a partnership with the Japanese developer Square Enix to create experiences for augmented reality glasses based on its many licenses.

Unsurprisingly, Square Enix’s R &D teams will use the Snapdragon Spaces platform to do this, which Qualcomm intends in particular for glasses functioning as accessories for a smartphone. The company sees this as a product category with great potential, in particular because it will be able to be sold by telecom operators and smartphone manufacturers.

This rather prestigious agreement was also made public on the occasion of the GDC. No details have been given about the experiments that will be developed.

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