realityOS: Is Apple already testing its OS for AR and VR?

realityOS: ¿Apple ya prueba su SO para AR y VR?

An indiscretion, on the part of Apple, and which has as its epicenter the term realityOS, could be the first official confirmation (despite not being intentional) both that Apple is working on augmented reality and virtual reality viewers of which we have been hearing rumors for years, and that its arrival could, finally, be reasonably close to the current moment. And there are some signs that invite us to think about it.

But the first thing is to clarify the origin of the term, that is, where “the sighting” has been made, although in reality we should talk about sightings, in the plural, since several developers have found references to realityOS, both in the loading logs of the App Store and in an Apple repository on GitHub, although there is some suspicion that in this case it could be a false track, created by a user not related to Apple.

This isn’t actually the first time something related to Apple’s hypothetical operating system for its virtual reality and augmented reality devices has been leaked. Back in 2017 a reference to something called rOS was made public, and from the context everything made us think that the r was a reference to reality. Now, however, the reference is much more explicit, and with that name, realityOS (or perhaps RealityOS, with the capital r, although it seems less likely), it is evident that it is an OS of its own for these expected devices.

There is, unfortunately, no more reference than the name, so we can not find out more data about realityOS. However, and given the rumors that Apple could introduce one of these devices by the end of the year, if it manages to solve the overheating problems that it would be facing, it makes sense to think that both its announcement and the release of the development tools for realityOS will take place sooner than we had thought, more specifically at WWDC 2022, which we hope will start on June 7, 2022.

And why would this calendar make sense? Due to the forecasts that this year there will be an unprecedented number of device renewals, which could indicate that in Cupertino they are clearing the agenda so that in 2023 the augmented reality viewer, predictably the first to reach the market, before the virtual reality viewer, is the main protagonist. Which, in turn, reinforces the theory of the presentation of realityOS next June, so that developers have enough time to create a consistent offer of apps for the device.

It all depends, most likely, on the date on which Apple has planned the presentation, which in turn will depend directly on the estimated release date. If the problems that have been rumored are real and have not yet been solved, perhaps everything will be delayed until later in 2023, in which case the presentation of the OS in June of this year would not make so much sense. However, the appearance of references to realityOS in different places in such a short time, gives us to think that everything is going well and that in Cupertino they have started to step on the accelerator.

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