SailPoint strengthens its Identity Security with new product suites

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SaaS Suites and new updates for the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

As the market-leading provider of identity security for the modern enterprise, SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SAIL) the benchmark for how identity security needs to evolve to keep up with customer business dynamics. The company has now presented two new product suites that create a new standard for what the heart of identity security must look like today. Going far beyond the pure basics of identity security, these two suites offer customers next-generation identity protection. With SailPoint as the basis of their identity security program, companies have a modern identity security platform that is designed as autonomously and intelligently as their business processes require.

“Protecting and managing all identities in all parts of the technology stack has become a task that goes far beyond what people can do manually. This task now includes much more than just providing secure access and ensuring compliance. Today, identity security must be autonomous, intelligent and integrated. This is an approach that only SailPoint offers and with which we secure all employees of our customers correctly and efficiently across all identities and access points,“ explains Matt Mills, President of Worldwide Operations, SailPoint. “With these new product suites, we make the decision easy for our customers: we provide them with an AI- and ML-supported, comprehensive solution for securing their identities, which positions them for long-term success throughout their journey with us.“

SailPoint introduces new product suites

The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud suites bundle several Identity Security SaaS components that companies need to protect themselves and enable their employees to work productively. SailPoint meets the requirements of both new and existing customers. Two suites are offered – one for companies that are just starting out in identity security, and one for customers who are already pursuing an advanced identity security approach:

  • SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Business – a suite of essential, AI- and ML-supported functionalities for the beginning of an identity security journey.
  • SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Business Plus – a comprehensive, AI- and ML-based identity security suite that makes it possible to detect, secure and manage identities across an entire hybrid infrastructure.

The choice between the two suites makes it easier for customers to purchase an identity security solution from SailPoint. In this way, you can immediately benefit from your investment in the respective SailPoint product.

“Over the past two years, my conversations with customers and prospects have all had the same tenor: today’s systems are complex, companies are moving incredibly fast, and visibility can be difficult to impossible to achieve,” says Grady Summers, EVP of Product, SailPoint. “We are very aware of this trio of challenges and are constantly looking for ways to enrich our identity security approach with further innovations. With the current updates, we are taking our customers light years ahead on their identity security journey.

Arne Ohlsen, Senior Field Marketing Manager at SailPoint

Identity security processes and decisions that used to take years are now being implemented within minutes and largely without human intervention. This is identity security at a new level, which fundamentally secures the business activity.“

Arne Ohlsen, Speaker at SailPoint in DACH adds: “In the course of digitization and the tense threat situation in terms of IT security, companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are also facing the challenge of flexibly and at the same time maximally securely regulating who has access to which data and resources at what time. Here, too, identity security is the order of the day and the basic prerequisite for a secure digital transformation. This is where we start and support our customers with new functionalities of our proven solutions.”

Updates for the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

In addition to the new product suites, SailPoint is also introducing a number of new functionalities that are intended to give customers the tools to defend against the threats they are facing today in view of the explosive increase in technology access.
Specifically, SailPoint offers the following product updates that underline its commitment to the evolution of its AI and ML-powered platform:

  • Identity Outliers: Intelligent detection and remediation of risky accesses using AI- and ML-supported analyses to autonomously detect anomalous identities – all from a single dashboard. The dashboard makes it possible to search and filter for specific identities and to take the necessary measures to correct all or certain types of outlier identities.
  • Access Modeling: Autonomous creation of new roles that have the greatest effect in the respective company situation. The solution provides teams with a deeper understanding of the proposed roles and the required access models. This allows you to make intelligent, guided decisions for the continuous improvement of these models.
  • File Access Manager (FAM) : With a brand new AI and NLP-driven data protection engine, it is easy to integrate FAM functions to capture personal data in unstructured resources. With FAM, customers can process data access requests (DSAR) and right-to-be-forgotten requests quickly and automatically.


The SaaS suites and the latest updates for SailPoint Identity Security Cloud will be available later this month.

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