Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual – a new part in virtual reality

The other day, namely, August 27, 2020, hosted a major games exhibition Gamescom 2020 online, where participants heard many interesting announcements, including that the next Chapter in the Medal of Honor will be released in VR. We wrote about it in previous articles – is today the object of discussion will be the infamous franchise, “Sam and Max”.


Sam & Max is not just a game, but an entire media franchise about the two investigators, published in comic books, TV series, and video games. The last independent video game called The Devil’s Playhouse was released 10 years ago. At Gamescom development team by happygiant was presented teaser, from which fans have hinted about the release of the new part for virtual reality.


Studio by happygiant does not disclose detailed information and exact release date for Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual. The user moves into the body of detectives Sam or max, and is a great helper, a beginner in the investigation. First, You train and prepare for the upcoming missions, then You will uncover the secret of an abandoned amusement Park.

It should be noted that participation in development takes himself Steve Purcell, the author of the franchise, and some of the developers who created Sam & Max Hit the Road.

While the audience revealed only a few screenshots and a short video – the first half of 2021 will have more information.

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