Sophos Whitepaper: Changing IT Security Teams – Insights into Future Plans

Klassische Air Gaps als effektive Datensicherheitsstrategie nutzen

Sophos Whitepaper

IT security teams play a central role in companies worldwide in coping with the pandemic. During the COVID-19 restrictions, IT departments around the world made a decisive contribution to ensuring that companies could continue their operations without interruption.

The Sophos Report is based on direct feedback from 5,400 IT managers in 30 countries. It sheds light on the current situation of IT departments and shows what future plans there are for internal and external IT security teams.

Find out in this report:

  • In which industries cyberattacks have increased the most in the last year
  • How Cyber Threats Have Affected Work Ethic and Workload
  • What plans companies are pursuing for their IT security in the next two and five years

In addition, Sophos provides five recommendations in the report on how companies can start building an IT team of tomorrow today.

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