Thales: SAP-certified tokenization solution protects SAP applications

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Seamless protection for cloud applications

Thales announces that CipherTrust Tokenization is the first SAP-certified tokenization solution for SAP customers that can be used to secure sensitive data. Thales’ tokenization solution is available through SAP Data Custodian and provides a higher level of data protection and user access control, which allows companies that are moving more and more applications and workloads to the cloud to significantly accelerate compliance requirements.

The new availability of Thales’ CipherTrust Tokenization in SAP Data Custodian builds on a successful, long-standing relationship between the two companies for encryption, tokenization and key management solutions. The tokenization solution in SAP Data Custodian was developed by both companies as part of the SAP Co-innovation Lab and ensures the security of sensitive data at the basic levels of the application. SAP customers can now protect their private data at rest in a database, during use and even during development.

“The release of the SAP Data Custodian Tokenization solution, which is based on Thales’ CipherTrust Tokenization service, is another step in our commitment to protecting our customers’ private data when migrating to the public cloud,” says Dr. Wasif Gilani at SAP. “This new solution builds on the strengths of both partners to create a comprehensive, trustworthy solution for our customers when they operate their applications with sensitive data.“

Compliance with demanding security requirements

Today, companies must ensure the protection and security of sensitive data, including personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card data (PCI). In particular, the judgment on Schrems II stipulates that all European companies must check each data transfer to a non-EU country individually to ensure compliance. The new partnership between Thales and SAP enables customers to define security at the field level in the application using templates in the Data Custodian user interface. Field-level security protects private data before it is written to databases, simplifies database access control, and ensures compliance with PII and PCI regulations.

Todd Moore, Vice President of Encryption Solutions at Thales

“Modern companies are aware of the importance of a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that protects sensitive data throughout its lifecycle, from the first second of data creation,” says Todd Moore, VP Encryption Products at Thales . “This new CipherTrust Tokenization solution, which we developed together with our partners at SAP, gives users the certainty that their data is secure at all times, even at the most granular, field-related level. We will continue to work with companies such as SAP to develop highly integrated solutions that ensure data security for all cloud users.“

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