The danger of cyber attacks on companies is growing

Check Point warnt vor Spionage-Operation mit Spear-Phishing

Cyber attacks

Coveted goods: Digital stolen goods

The topic of digital security, also known as cyber security, is playing an increasingly important role for companies. Not only corporations and large companies are in high demand among hackers and cybercriminals, small businesses can also quickly become a target. But what are the specific threats and how can you protect yourself against them?

Spyware, phishing, ransomware: Crime on the Internet is diverse and has long been a highly professional business. No wonder, considering that almost every company today uses an IT system connected to the network. A lot can be stolen digitally. From highly confidential patient information to sensitive company data. Depending on the severity of the case and the data captured, a company can get into great trouble due to a hacker attack – up to and including scenarios that threaten its existence.

In addition to sabotage and espionage, cybercriminals in most cases are concerned with demanding money for the release of the captured information. In order to get into foreign networks and thus into the systems of companies, the perpetrators use a variety of methods.

What common methods do cybercriminals use?

The aim of digital attacks is almost always to capture data, manipulate or delete it or even destroy the entire information system. In most cases, this works in the form of malicious software, so-called malware. This is installed on the respective system and can then spread unnoticed without affecting running applications. The following types of malware are most commonly used:

  • Trojan
  • Worm
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware

Such software can be introduced in a variety of ways, usually the web browser is the gateway. Meanwhile, especially large companies have set up appropriate security systems and also employ cyber specialists, so that it is becoming increasingly difficult for cyber criminals, but not impossible, to penetrate the internal systems. Many hacker attacks on companies are therefore only possible if an internal employee helps with an access or even carries it out himself. Therefore, companies often use economic detectives (such as the detective agency Munich ), which specializes in cybercrime, among other things, in suspected cases or simply to detect any gaps. Of course, corresponding detective agencies can be found not only in Munich, but also in almost every other major German city.

Employees involved in the majority of all cases of economic crimes

Cases of industrial espionage or sabotage by internal employees are relatively common in Germany. It is assumed that a total of almost 60 percent of all economic crimes are committed or caused by employees who are often long-term employees. It is not only the management positions that are susceptible to corruption and bribery. Specialist detectives can observe suspicious persons unobtrusively and secure evidence that can be used in court if the suspicion is confirmed. Most often, the investigator is introduced into the company for this purpose as a new employee.

For entrepreneurs, this option is worthwhile in two ways: if an initial suspicion is actually confirmed, they have saved the company from minor or major damage. If the suspicion can be refuted, he is rid of the unfounded doubts and can fully concentrate on daily business again.

Corona exacerbates potential dangers

The corona situation has once again intensified the threat situation for companies to become victims of cyber criminals. Remote workstations and home offices store sensitive data, for example, partly outside the operating rooms. It is advisable to introduce appropriate measures and safety concepts in order to minimize the risk as far as possible. Furthermore, it can be assumed that the problem will worsen in the long term. The most secure against cyber attacks is still the data that is stored analogously.

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