The EU General Data Protection Regulation and the role of modern data protection

Die EU Datenschutz-Grundverordnung und die Rolle der modernen Datensicherung


By Thomas Sandner, Senior Director Technical Sales Germany at Veeam

Thomas Sandner, Senior Director Technical Sales Germany at Veeam

Mainly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have difficulties implementing the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR). At the same time, they must comply with the legal regulations on data storage and data protection. That’s why many of these small businesses archive their data in cold storage systems, which require long access times but are economically the best choice because they can house large amounts of data. The data is available for audits, but of course also contains information that would have to be deleted on request.

Do not delete backups, but restore them specifically

In theory, it is possible to delete special data within a backup if they were at most pseudonymized when creating the backup copy. In practice, however, it makes more sense to set up a modern data backup strategy that is simply able to recognize this data and not restore it in isolation when it is restored.

Sort outdated backups before recovery

Outdated backups that no longer meet current requirements could affect the production process or affect data protection unpleasantly if deleted personal data is still present in these backups. This challenge can be dealt with with a so-called staged restore as a concept. This means a gradual recovery. The backups are initially called in a sandbox environment, where a delete script removes all data that has been removed from the running system since the backup was created.

Building Trust

Modern data backup helps to overcome important hurdles in connection with the EU GDPR. If successful, data protection is transformed from a hurdle into a strength that gains the trust of employees, partners and customers – the most important asset of any company or authority.

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