Third EAM Conference in Vienna

Third EAM Conference in Vienna


Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) has taken on a new dimension in the face of the corona crisis: Many companies have been forced to make changes and are looking for a long-term sustainable IT architecture. […]

The EAM conference on 14 June at Vienna’s Erste Campus will now provide answers and bring together enterprise architects, IT strategists and manufacturers. Following Gartner’s current positioning, Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is the critical management discipline in practice to enable proactive and holistic planning and control of the enterprise architecture, taking into account the diverse disruptive changes. Thus, especially in the digital age and with new disruptive challenges, such as currently in the corona crisis, an agile implementation of architecture changes in the direction of the now to be adapted business fields, business models as well as the business visions and results can be ensured.

At the EAM Conference at Vienna’s Erste Campus (or online), which is now taking place for the third time, important EAM activities will be presented and discussed that enable sustainable architectural thinking and action in the light of the descriptive changes mentioned (digitization, pandemic consequences): In addition to the procedural orientation of the activities of the enterprise IT architects, additional orientation and action aids are required depending on the objects/patterns that the EA provides to IT executives.

Speakers include Stephan Aier (University of St. Gallen), Luc Alix (Enterprise Intelligence Partner), Erwin Bratengeyer (Danube University Krems), Wolfgang Herr (Erste Group IT), Susan Hofleithner (Erste Asset Management), Christian Höllwieser (BOC Group), Johannes Lischka (ARZ), Martin Kaderabek (Erste Group IT), Gustav Mirth (Bundesrechenzentrum), Andreas Pirkner (Erste Asset Management), David Reindl (SBB CFF FFS), Liliana Simon (EFS Consulting), Ernst Tiemeyer (IT Consultant), Marco Todesca (Bundesrechenzentrum) and Robert Zlabinger (EFS Consulting), the conference will be organized by Conect.

For support in tool selection and efficient EA tool use, an accompanying exhibition is offered to experience the tools live on site. At the same time, online transmissions and compact presentations by representatives of the tool providers for the respective essential tool functionalities are planned in parallel in order to be able to “experience” the tool solutions in comparison. Detailed information and registration here.

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