Vodafone and Accenture join forces to protect SMEs from cyber attacks

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According to the Bitkom study, 9 out of 10 companies in Germany are affected by cyber attacks – the damage in Germany alone amounted to over 220 billion euros in 2020/21. The value has thus more than doubled in just one year – the problem is growing rapidly.

Vodafone Germany and Accenture want to do something about this together: in the future, the companies will offer joint managed security services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Germany.

With the help of the services, SMEs can better position themselves against cyber attacks. In particular, companies that do not have the necessary capacities, time or resources benefit from a team of leading cyber security talents and their industry expertise. This allows you to keep pace in a rapidly evolving field.

The new cyber security services help companies to detect vulnerabilities and cyber attacks more quickly, to react to them and to avoid long-term effects. By integrating into the existing portfolio of mobile, fixed-line, Internet-of-things and cloud solutions, Vodafone complements its existing security offering, which is now available to companies of all sizes.
Services managed by Vodafone and provided by Accenture Security include:

Penetration Tests

Simulation of real cyber attacks to penetrate the IT systems. The internal and external tests usually include all devices connected to the network.

Vulnerability Management

Identification of existing vulnerabilities in the internal and external IT infrastructure of the company.

Phishing Awareness

Realistic simulation of an attack on companies and employees using constructed e-mails. In this way, employees are made aware of the dangers of cyber attacks. This is especially important because social engineering is often the biggest threat to security systems.

Cyber Exposure Diagnostic (CED)

This helps companies determine how well their IT system is protected from cyber attacks.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Round-the-clock security monitoring, analysis and reporting, as well as an early warning system in real time (SIEM and SOC platform, fully managed), focusing on the entire attack surface.

Breach Response & Forensics

These help companies to react quickly and appropriately to a cyber attack. This includes predefined processes, the corresponding tools, and experts. Organizations can respond to the threat quickly and effectively to limit the damage and reduce recovery time.

Firewall Management

Comprehensive and controlled protection against IT threats through the deployment, management and operation of firewalls. The individual security requirements of the existing network structure are taken into account.
Accenture and Vodafone have been jointly investing in cyber security solutions since 2020 to better protect companies in the face of ever-growing threats.

“By working with Accenture, we can offer small and medium-sized companies first-class services to counter the growing cyber threat,” explains Alexander Saul, Managing Director Corporate Customers at Vodafone Germany. “We are leveraging our combined capabilities and global experience to deliver modular security solutions. They offer access to technologies that were previously only possible for companies with large IT budgets.“

“Cybercrime is cross-border, anonymous and poses a significant threat to companies of all sizes – with costly consequences,” adds Thomas Schumacher, Head of Accenture Security in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “We are delighted to be working with Vodafone. In this way, we make our security services accessible to a broad group of new customers who want security at an affordable cost. Our team of international cyber security experts is ready to develop individually tailored and easy-to-implement solutions for Vodafone customers.“

Recent studies show: no relaxation in sight

In the coming months, the threat of cyber attacks will become even more serious, according to the prevailing opinion in the German economy. According to a Bitkom study, 83 percent of the companies surveyed expected an increase in attacks by the end of 2022. Medium-sized companies with 100 to 499 employees are particularly threatened. “If you don’t protect yourself today, you could be the next potential victim of a cyber attack tomorrow,” Saul is convinced.

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