What is an Event Hook is?

Definition Of “Event Hook” What is an Event Hook is?

Under the term “Event” Hook is a special Webhook. This is used in distributed systems, and provides information about the occurrence of specific events. The communication method is not of concern, however, rarely difficulties.

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The Event Hook is a special Webhook, be informed of the names referred to in events and automated feedback.
The Event Hook is a special Webhook, be informed of the names referred to in events and automated feedback.

An Event Hook, free event hooks, translated, is a method in the field of Server communication. Here it is a common phenomenon, do not need to speak in distributed systems (or in the case of message-oriented Middleware) machines with each other, the use of the identical method of communication.

The so-called Webhooks (“hook”), to one of which the Event Hook, this is the solution. The Name informs this image is quite applicable to what is happening. A hook connects the machine to a network, so that you can understand.

Webhooks explained and easy to understand

Hooks generally, such interfaces, the Code is in a really strange System can be fed in computer science. As an example: operating systems include many of the hooks, so that many programs can be installed. A Webhook is the specialist loft for Server communication. It has the following features:

  • own Code to be able to make the connection between the machines
  • capable of non-standard communication
  • Support of different communication protocols
  • Areas of application are (relatively) freely definable

Well-known applications that work with Webhooks, for example, Facebook, PayPal, or Twitch. This set in particular, the Event Hook.

Event Hooks inform you about special events

A field of Webhooks is the “Event Notification” – that is to say, the notification of special events. The for this purpose brought procedure is called an Event Hook. The events can be defined by the programmers free. Often, these can delegate a part of the corresponding possibilities to the users of the devices.

As an example, the note on the lock screen of a smartphone is that there is a new message in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. In fact, in this case, as before, a simple Event Hook, the operating system is an additional command has been added.

The Server of the sender transmits the message, the event alarm to the recipient’s Server. This white from the Smartphone of the user, a notification is desired. The Server forwards the message, therefore, with the event alarm to the terminal. Here is the setting in the operating system made by the user, whether the Alarm (or perhaps even the whole of the message) is displayed on the lock screen to decide.

Classic examples for Event in Hooks:

  • Notification of Updates that can be installed
  • Alarm occurring given event in an App (for example, you have uploaded a new Video a subscribed channel)
  • Note to automatically performed Updates
  • Clues to possible problems (for example, a crowded Cloud storage)

Well-Known Difficulties

The problem is the programming of an Event Hooks can be mainly due to the communication. Often there is a need to combine several different languages and protocols at the same time. Difficulties can also prepare the different outsourcing service layers, to respond to the event notification. In particular, in the case of larger system updates the Hooks will not work, therefore, at the beginning often as desired.


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