What you should consider when using Office 365

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You should take these tips to heart with Office 365

Have you heard or read about Office 365? If you have a laptop or a PC, then in most cases you will use Office 365. There are also other services and applications that you can use. But the following is mainly about important things that you should keep in mind about Office 365.


If you have chosen Office 365, a combination of online applications, services and Office software is available to you. Word, PowerPoint and Excel will surely be familiar to you. But do you also know what the Office 365 Email Backup is? Have you ever done an Office 365 SharePoint backup? If not, then you should definitely put these two things on your todo list at regular intervals in the future. Because the backup of mails and backup copies of sharepoints can literally save your head and collar.

Secure your mails

Whether in the private sector or at work – securing emails is the A and Of. Especially in the business area, the Office 365 email Backup is often forgotten despite its importance. With the Office 365 Email Backup, you can still access the most important message histories even after years. You should not confuse this process with archiving. Because this is primarily about clearing out your mailboxes and getting them back in shape.

The Office 365 Email Backup can do much more. Your mails are not only stored, but also stored in an internal memory. And now nothing stands in the way of lifelong access to your emails. Keep in mind that with every change, every deletion and every damage, important data is also lost. And your e-mails may also be affected by this. If you perform the Office 365 Email Backup at regular intervals, then you protect your mails. They prevent data loss. Especially in contentious issues or legal issues, the storage of your mails can turn out to be quite useful.

Even if you do not intend it, there may be a loss of the mails. This is already very annoying in the private sector, but in the business sector this can have devastating consequences. After all, as an entrepreneur, you have the responsibility to ensure that data security is maintained. Your company can not only implement all the requirements of the data protection regulation. In the event of a legal dispute, you can avoid high fines with the Office 365 Email Backup. As you can see, a small click to save your mails can have a big impact.

What about SharePoint?

Microsoft’s Sharepoint is used in many offices because it simplifies the organization. Tasks and projects can be managed and controlled with little effort. The great advantage is shown in the simple application and individual use.

With SharePoint you can create websites as an entrepreneur. The SharePoint brings even more advantages. You can use this as a secure place for storage and structuring. This information can be accessed from any device. This makes it all the more important that you think of the Office 365 Sharepoint Backup. With the backup, you can not only back up the team websites. You can also use it to keep the collection of websites, classic and modern websites safe.

As soon as there is a change in the documents, they are stored on the backup memory. However, only if these documents are changed on the target server. The big advantage of SharePoint Backup for you is that you can restore certain versions of documents with little effort. This also gives you the opportunity to call up data and documents that have already been deleted.


Once you have a laptop or a PC, backup copies should be the order of the day. Microsoft has a wide range of backups in stock with Office 365. You can not only save emails permanently in your company or in your private life, but also sharepoints. And this can also bring legal benefits.

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