White Paper: Best Practices for Fighting Ransomware

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White Paper: Best Practices for Fighting Ransomware

Sophos Endpoint Protection Whitepaper

The latest headlines about cyber attacks with blackmail software show: Ransomware continues to have a firm grip on companies and authorities. Does your endpoint protection solution reliably protect you from such devastating attacks?

To fend off ransomware attacks, it not only requires state – of-the-art protection technologies-these must also be configured correctly so that they can form an effective barrier against attackers.

Read Sophos ‘ white paper “Endpoint Protection Best Practices to Defend against Ransomware”:

  • How Ransomware Attacks Work
  • What endpoint Protection best practices you should urgently follow
  • How to protect yourself against ransomware

Effective cybersecurity solutions to stop ransomware attacks and render them harmless can also be found on the Sophos product page .

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