Amazon buys Cloud Messenger platform Wickr

Amazon’s cloud division AWS has acquired the Californian start-up Wickr. The encrypted messaging platform is already used by numerous authorities and companies to ensure secure communication in cloud services. […]

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has purchased the encrypted messenger platform Wickr. This is comparable to the Messenger signal and is already used by many US authorities and companies to ensure secure communication in cloud services.

However, further details on the purchase of the start-up from San Francisco are not yet known.

“Growing need to protect communication”

Thousands of government agencies use Amazon’s cloud computing services. It seems so, so Amazon wants to expand this business in the future. AWS is also currently in litigation with Microsoft over the Pentagon’s multi-billion dollar cloud deal.

“The need for this type of secure communication is increasing. With the transition to hybrid work environments driven in part by the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and government agencies have a growing need to protect their communications across many remote locations,“ said Stephen Schmidt, vice president and chief information security officer at AWS in a blog post.

* Alessa Kästner is a graduate of the Burda School of Journalism, volunteered at Playboy and wrote for titles such as ELLE, Freundin and Focus as well as advertise and Sell. Her core topics as an INTERNET WORLD editor: Digital lifestyle, marketing trends and social media.

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