Buck comes across as the Director of Sales & Business Developer to cell phone games

The setting wave in mobile games does not seem to ebb and flow. The gable townspeople outstaffing developers welcomed the long-Razer-employee Thomas Buck in his Team.

Thomas Buck is the third in the new Covenant. (Image: Steffi Grass – Mobile Games)

After the phone had games pulled a new PR Manager, and an additional Producer in the country, now completes Thomas Buck as the new Director of Sales & Business Development in the gable townspeople developers. Among its tasks, the existing international partnerships, as well as new cooperation on the one hand.

As a part of the HandyGames family, Buck feels a long time: “After I had the pleasure to work at a young age with the two brothers and a lot to learn from you, am I to return to me and to the family, and in the case of mobile phone games support!”, the 39-year-old says.

Before Buck was almost 13 years with Razer as the Regional Sales Manager. Since 2007, the Games accessories manufacturer has in Hamburg, a Europe-Central, so the Buck was a part of the process, see how Razer from a niche Start-Up established to a large company with 100 employees.

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