Microsoft blocked about 71 billion cyberattacks last year


In a new quarterly online magazine called Cyber Signals, Microsoft publishes figures on cyber attacks. […]

Microsoft has introduced a new online magazine on cyber threats called Cyber Signals.). Cyber Signals is to be published quarterly and is based on the latest data and research results from Microsoft, according to the Redmonds.

In 2021, Microsoft Defender blocked more than 9.6 billion malware threats that targeted end customers or companies. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 even blocked more than 35.7 billion phishing or other malicious emails between January and December last year. In addition, 25.6 billion attacks on corporate accounts (Azure Active Directory) were detected and blocked.

According to Microsoft, Switzerland ranks sixth (last) among the target countries for those targeted attacks that are supposed to originate from Iran.

These countries are said to be the most frequent target of online attacks from Iran (c) Microsoft

You can also find out about the prices of stolen data. According to Cyber Signals, you get stolen username and password combinations from 97 cents per 1000 pieces. You can download the digital magazine Cyber Signals for free as a PDF via this link.

Average prices for Cybercrime services (c) Microsoft

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