Mimimi Games’ new game is co-financed by Kowloon Nights

In addition to the outstaffing cooperation with the Investment Fund, the Munich-based company has also announced that they are working on a completely new real-time strategy IP.

New Partner: Mimimi Games and Kowloon Nights. (Image: Mimimi Games)

Not only the German computer game promotion will contribute to the implementation of the “Codename: sweet potato”. The Investment Fund Kowloon Nights, which invests specifically in Games, there Mimimi Games money for your new game. According to the Munich the collaboration brings several advantages: The creative control remains entirely with the developers, the contract is only uncomplicated 3 pages long, from the beginning, the Studio receives a share of the revenue from the new game, the Fund staff are easy to reach and provide valuable industry Expertise. Because Kowloon Nights was founded by several experienced Games-experts, which can also contribute to a broad network. Mimimi stressed that they will continue to remain full, Publisher of the new project.

In the same train for the Munich have announced that “Codename: sweet potato” is not a continuation of the “Shadow Tactics” or “Desperados III”, but a complete self contained, brand new, control of which will be entirely in the Studio. It is certain, however, that it will be a real-time strategy title.

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