PagerDuty Announces Incident Workflows and Advanced Automation Measures

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The updates improve the quality, speed and results of the incident response.
The new functions extend the automation possibilities of PagerDuty across the entire product portfolio. In addition, they enable customizable reactions to incidents by IT responders, customer service teams or other company departments in real time.

The new incident workflows streamline the complex orchestration of processes during an incident and make the response processes faster, more automated and more consistent. PagerDuty has also integrated Automation Actions into the Operations Cloud to orchestrate automated diagnostic and remediation steps.

Incident workflows can be used to automate important steps

Incident workflows are a completely new feature that can be designed and activated quickly. With the automation of incident workflows, companies can trigger complete sequences for frequent incident actions (e.g. sending automated status updates, creating communication channels for each incident).

Advantage: consistent, predictable responses across the organization. PagerDuty Incident Workflows will be available as a limited pre-release during the year.

Automated actions with event intelligence, customer service operations.

These are possible in Slack and other mobile channels. This includes, for example, automatic diagnoses and troubleshooting measures to speed up the resolution of incidents from the PagerDuty Operations Cloud™. PagerDuty has now integrated Automation Actions into the entire PagerDuty platform. Automation functions can be triggered either immediately by events via PagerDuty’s Event Intelligence or manually during an incident by responders. In addition, runbook automation is possible to resolve an incident immediately and prevent paging of a responder.

In total, more than 22 new functions and product improvements as well as incident workflows and automation actions were introduced. This includes HashiCorp Terraform support for event orchestration, templates for status update notifications, service standards, service performance report, and integration with Salesforce Service Cloud Incident Object.

More about PagerDuty’s platform innovations, integrations, customer use cases and partnerships and thought leadership will be presented at the PagerDuty Summit 22 in London on June 21.

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