“Project days, Games” in a new application round

For the third Time in a row, schools are able to participate in the all-day Workshops for the Foundation of Digital game culture from April to June. Applications will be even up to 14. May be accepted.

About 17 schools in Berlin and Brandenburg, with over 550 students participated within two years of the project days of the Games from the Foundation of Digital game culture and 2021, the event of Covid-19 to stop, to convey the positive use of digital Games in the classroom.

This year, two Workshops in the period from mid-April are offered to mid-June 2021 with different difficult to grade levels to serve seven to twelve. The Workshop “Digital games in the classroom & strengthening media literacy” is for grades seven to nine, “professional pictures of the Games industry”, however, for the tenth to the twelfth day of classes tailored.

“The project days Games Berlin-Brandenburg, we launched two years ago as a lighthouse project for the use of Games in schools and contribute to today, with valuable practical experience to our educational projects,” said Cigdem Uzunoğlu, the Foundation’s Executive Director of Digital game culture.

The training of media educators will be held either as a full-day suburb of the event, the schools, or to facilitate Online Workshop, “because digital games are finally made for digital Learning,” continued Uzunoğlu. The schools, in spite of the fact that the team project will start in April – up to and including 14. May 2021 for an appointment to apply. To be promoted in the project days of Games again this year by the medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

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