Thales and Redcentric support healthcare in extraordinary times

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Secure, scalable connectivity – SafeNet Trusted Access

In response to the increased demand at the beginning of the pandemic, Redcentric, one of the UK’s leading IT managed service providers, had to scale up its connectivity solutions quickly. Global technology company Thales took up the challenge and fully rolled out its cloud-based platform for access, management and authentication. In this way, Redcentric’s need for advanced and secure connectivity solutions is met, while at the same time meeting the compliance requirements for protecting access to sensitive services.

Nowhere has the impact and burden of the pandemic been greater than in the healthcare industry. As a provider of managed services with a special focus on healthcare, Redcentric was faced with the need to provide a solution that could meet the increasing demand of companies at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Redcentric worked tirelessly to alleviate this burden and quickly scale its connectivity solution. The provider turned to its long-time partner Thales, who was able to scale its cloud-based access, management and authentication platform SafeNet Trusted Access, which authenticates all software and cloud applications across multiple platforms and devices.
By validating identities, enforcing access policies and applying Smart single sign-on, the service ensures secure and convenient access to numerous cloud and web-based applications. Redcentric thus meets the need for an immediately scalable and reliable solution for healthcare organizations across the public sector, including NHS trusts such as the NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit.

“The pandemic has put pressure on every industry, as the world is connected online and companies have to work under a variety of guidelines. Given the increased risk associated with remote work and employees’ access to systems outside the traditional network boundaries, our solution offers scalability, flexibility and reliability in this digital world. The SafeNet Trusted Access Service has enabled Redcentric to massively expand the deployment of its solutions to meet the demand created by the pandemic,” says Dirk Geeraerts, EMEA Regional Director Access Management Products at Thales .

“The usage-based billing model also allows Redcentric to grow as a company and gain customers as quickly as possible without compromising its business model. It reduces the administrative burden, improves efficiency and costs and enables companies to overcome the cash flow problems associated with pre-pay models,“ Geeraerts continues.

Marc Roberts, Head of Network Solutions at Redcentric , comments: “Thales is a fantastic partner for our goal of supporting the healthcare industry at this unprecedented time. We need solid suppliers to ensure that we are able to deliver the best solutions to our customers. This is not possible alone, we need a partner with whom this works, and Thales is definitely that partner. The company mastered everything with flying colors and delivered not only the scalability we needed, but above all the reliability we were aiming for. With SafeNet Trusted Access integrated into our existing products, our customers now have the peace of mind that they can securely access services no matter where they are.”

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